In response to the prompt ‘Haiku is to Life’, I came up with the below three Haiku that resonated with me the most.

Haiku №1

Haiku is to life
As maths is to pure science
Grounded in nature

Image: Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

As maths is to pure sciens, grounded in nature

Haiku №2

Haiku is to life
As dew is to each new dawn
Soft measured drops

Image: Rishikesh Patil on Unsplash



I don’t know how or why it is, but I will always sense when my child is in the room, or near me…sometimes if they are not even home! They don’t even need to utter a word and I will know immediately if something is wrong, if they are happy, or sad etc. It is this ‘knowing’ or sixth sense that has guided just about every mother along their parenting path since the dawn of time.

A mother senses
her child’s presence, mood, and needs
Not a spoken word

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